Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Halloween} Decoration Inspiration

Awhile ago I came across this idea from Rachel Ray and tucked it away in what I refer to as my inspiration file.
Last year when I was shopping for my first annual witches social I found some really cool Halloween candles.

The price tag on them however, was not cool. I don’t have a problem splurging once in awhile, but for the most part I’m a frugalista.

Now that October is beginning I’ve only got a few weeks to start planning for this year’s witches social. I’ve been rummaging through my party supplies trying to use what I already have to decorate for this event. I never forgot those candles and I’ve been thinking about how I could recreate the look on my zero dollar budget. That’s when this idea occurred to me:
Not exactly the same as the other candles, but I’m pleased with the outcome and they will fit in perfectly with my party scheme.

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