Saturday, October 9, 2010

Girls Night Out & Party Staging

Thursday was Girls Night Out a big event here in Kitsap County to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. The Perfect Place was a proud sponsor and we had a wonderful time talking with the ladies and crafting with the kids. During the event I had the pleasure of meeting Roberta Anderson a professional stager and facebook fan of The Perfect Place. While Roberta stages your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers I stage your parties to make them spectacular for you and your guests.

The true heart of a party is bringing family and friends together to celebrate special moments in our lives. There are no rights or wrongs when you have these key ingredients. Just like there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to living in our homes. However, when you want to sell your home it’s time to stage it so it’s “dress to impress” and when you want to create something special for your party guests it’s all about staging too.

my husband and I

The number one thing people were most impress with at my booth during girls night out were the water bottles. Yup, water bottles. Why? Because I made them a d├ęcor feature by removing the labels and replacing them with pretty scrapbook paper in pink of course. What really surprised me were the little details that really mattered to everyone. For example, I gave away white take out boxes with candy. All the boxes were wrapped in pink ribbon and had a scalloped pink circle paper punch out on the top and the only difference between them were the breast cancer stickers that I placed on top. Some were pink ribbons and others had words that said hope, strength, and survivor. That one little detail made people stop and ponder which box they wanted to take.

Here is today’s Halloween inspiration that shows how a little staging can make all the difference in making something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Plain Candy Corn

Candy Corn All Dressed Up

The re-sealable bags were found in the beading section of the craft store and the tops are place cards I found at Michaels on sale for $0.49. You can also use scrap paper if you can’t find the place cards (especially if you live in Kitsap because I bought all they had, sorry).

I’ll have more party staging and Halloween tricks and treats for you after my Witches Social on Friday. Plus some behind the scenes party prep for the monster bash/mad scientist birthday party I’m planning for a Jr. Client. I think of the kids as Jr. Clients since the parties are for them after all.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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